AVOrigins works with public and private education institutions, at every level from infant to further education and universities, to improve teaching and learning effectiveness through audio visual technology.

AVOrigins’ handles new and refurbished lecture halls and AV suites that support lecturers, teachers, and students, which are frequently also used by the wider community.

Key audio visual technologies for education includes video and audio conferencing, digital presentation and display technologies, interactive and multi collaboration display, virtual classroom, and much more.

AVOrigins provides clear advice at the specification stages of projects, quality assured implementation and proactive support and maintenance.

When education institutions embrace digital technologies, your institution will convey a sense of vitality, energy, and motivation, creating a more engaging environment for students and showing that you’re at the forefront of educational and technology trends. Added technology conveys a sense of trust and funding, giving visitors, parents, and potential students the reassurance that your school is a smart investment in their future.

True ROI is achieved when the experience is cost-effectively maintained and with community interaction. When you partner with AVOrigins, you can use it to invest in the local community, and in turn have them invest in you:

  • Generate ad revenue from businesses who want to reach students and parents, especially on your campus.
  • Promote campus events to generate ticket sales.
  • Recognize donors to encourage investment in your school from community leaders.
  • Highlight school merchandise for sale so that others can show their school spirit

To understand how technology can be effectively integrated into your campus, contact us today to arrange a site inspection and technology audit.