In order to create an inviting atmosphere, restaurants and bars are increasingly installing systems that combine large video walls with auxiliary monitors located throughout the floor. Larger-than-life images with stunning display clarity provide customers with an immersive and engaging experience.

For example the appeal of a sports bar is the ability to watch games with friends in a fun, immersive environment. This involves TVs at every angle, with sporting events of every variety distributed throughout the space. Media distribution systems are an essential component in these spaces, providing quality entertainment from a wide range of sources to a large number of displays without needing a separate set-top box for every TV in the place.

In addition implementing digital signage in quick service restaurants and cafes can allow businesses to alter customer behavior at the point of sale and allow for huge up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Digital menu boards typically present up to a 5% sales lift. With 74% of customers saying an easy to read menu is their top priority, digital signage gives the option to experiment with different menu sizing and content design without the need to get it reprinted, saving time and money.