Integrated meeting, conference and boardroom solutions

Meeting rooms, conference rooms and boardrooms are vital to productivity, and reflect your company’s image to clients, VIP visitors, shareholders and investors. AVOrigins specialize in designing and building AV solutions tailored to your specific needs, and can advise on all the latest technology to ensure that your facility will deliver what you need, and most importantly, will be easy for the users to operate.

AVOrigins can equip your rooms with a range of tools that make it easy for board members, visitors or even remote participants to interact seamlessly with each other. From fairly simple meeting room with basic presentation facilities integrated with a video conferencing system, to corporate AV Boardroom with state of the art systems and high end multipoint video conferencing controlled by a programmable touch panel control screen which also manages lighting and blinds.

Video Conferencing

For remote participants and organizations that like to keep an eye on their environmental impact, video conferencing solutions are bringing everyone together in real, face-to-face collaborations that feel natural and effectual and reduces the need for business travel. Our innovative systems will not only save your business money, but also give staff more time at their desks, increasing productivity. Take video conferencing a step further with telepresence that creates the most realistic conferencing environment available.

Room Control Systems

When it comes to an important client presentation, our room control systems allow your team to concentrate on what they do best. So switching on the projector, lowering the screen, dimming lights and adjusting audio levels can all be done from a single touch on your custom designed touch panel and your team will stay cool and your clients impressed.

Presentation Technology

Projectors, flat screen monitors, electric screens, audio systems, touch panel control systems, High Definition video conferencing systems, video and audio switching & distribution, architectural laptop connections, lecterns, and most importantly the design know how to make everything work seamlessly as one system.