Manufacturers use audio visual and video conferencing systems across a wide range of activities. AVOrigins communication solutions have the potential to add great value in the supply chain and production cycle, while remote communications and video conferencing can add impetus to the marketing and sales of manufactured goods.

AVOrigins helps its clients understand their audio visual technology options and works side by side with them to ensure projects are delivered to the highest standards.

Digital Signage is also the ideal solution to improve and solve tricky issues with productivity, performance, communication, health & safety and your daily processes, while offering an easy-to-use system and a return on investment.

Our tailor-made solutions ensure your content and information is displayed in dynamic, exciting formats that streamline processes, improve productivity, reduce complaints and create satisfied customers.

How digital signage can improve your organization:

  • Display Critical Information – Utilize collected data to provide clear, immediate results of current workforce performance.
  • Increase Motivation – Incent employees with live visual stats of present performance levels.
  • Maximize Productivity – Eliminate downtime and miscommunication by empowering workers to quickly adjust their performance.
  • Complement Existing Methods – Develop a system around Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, TQM & other process improvement methodologies.
  • Improve Efficiency and Safety – Push instantaneous updates of company information, emergency notices and safety reminders.
  • Eliminate Paper Signage – Go green and cut costs of using paper signage, and remove the effort of posting and taking down notices.
  • Control Signage Centrally – Manage a highly-scalable network of displays, whether across one production line or sites around the world.
  • Keep Existing Technology – Multi-platform solution which integrate seamlessly with your everyday technology.
  • Customize Signs Locally – Post information remotely to all departments or just a select few as needed through secure, easy-to-use methods.
  • Develop a Complete Solution – Turnkey offering tailored to your needs including hardware, software, creative content & integration services.