The challenge for most public sector and government institution is that they have limited budget that they have to make work as effectively as possible to achieve results in the public interest. Exacting standards, an expectation of real value for money and tight deadlines are commonplace in this demanding sector. AVOrigins enjoys excellent long term relationships with government and public sector clients that generate substantial repeat business based on high levels of customer satisfaction.

AVOrigins is the ideal partner to work with public sector and government institution, from the planning stages to ensure specifications deliver both performance and value for money, through assured installation to proactive maintenance and support.

AVOrigins expertise in ergonomic meeting room design and custom furniture have also proved to add value in many government and public sector projects. Video conferencing meetings may involve participants from multiple locations from different cities and countries. The measured benefits every year include thousands of meetings that increase collaboration and productivity, and reduce costs and carbon emissions. Video conferencing is sometimes the safest communications means when connecting with trouble spots and war zones.